Wipes are not Flushable

The video below provides an excellent explanation of why so-called flushable wipes are harmful to the public sewage system. The fact is, they do not break down as the name would lead you to believe, they actually cause millions of dollars of damage across the United States every year. These wipes combine with other debris and grease in the sewer system and form large clogs that have to be removed by city sewer crews. These wipes often combine with other wipes in a sewage pump station and clog the pumps.

Please watch the video and have a laugh, but remember that while the presentation is funny, the damage caused by flushable wipes is not.

The photo below is from Greenfield's Potts Ditch pump station. The pump became clogged with a chain of flushable wipes and had to be removed from the station on a Saturday morning for emergency repair. Like a baby's diaper, these wipes should not be flushed down the toilet. They should be thrown into a trash can. Remember, these wipes can get stuck in your private sewer line just as easily as a city sewer. If they do, you'll be the one paying a few hundred dollars to unclog your sewer.



Please do not flush your wipes down the toilet. The damage you prevent and the costs you avoid, may be your own.

Thanks, your Greenfield Wastewater Department.