Wastewater Rehab


The project shall be directed by the City Engineer and/or the Greenfield Wastewater Utility Superintendent, who are hereafter referred to as the "Project Director".  City personnel and/or a private contractor authorized by the Board of Works and Public Safety through a normal bidding process shall complete the rehabilitation work.  When determined by the Project Director, and agreed upon by the Contractor, the Greenfield Wastewater Utility Superintendent may renew the contract for one year when it is in the city's best interest to do so.  The area for rehabilitation will be determined by the Project Director, who will notify the affected parties by a hand delivered flier or other approved notification manner.  The contractor will be instructed as to the appropriate rehabilitation methods for that area.  The sewer mains, laterals and associated manholes will be repaired or replaced as instructed by the Project Director.  The Project Director will determine the length of each private lateral replacement, which at a minimum, will be from the sewer main to a location approximately two feet from the building foundation.  Decorative landscaping, decks or other structures may prohibit the length of the lateral replacement.  Pre-televising of the mains and laterals will determine the sewer lines that will receive repairs or replacement.  A purchased home, rental home, business, commercial establishment or other structure approved by the Project Director will be included in the rehabilitation project.  Along with a one year warranty on workmanship, all streets, sidewalks, lawns, easements or other items involved in the sewer rehabilitation are the responsibility of the contractor to repair unless other arrangements have been made with the Project Director.  Ownership of the private laterals remains with the property owner and in no way relieves the responsibility of maintenance or upkeep by the property owner as required by previous sections of this chapter.

(Ord. 2008-20, passed 6-25-08)