Wastewater Vac Truck

The Wastewater Utility Sewer Department personnel clean & maintain sanitary and storm sewers throughout the City of Greenfield. In 2000 our department purchased a Vactor truck, shown here, to provide a much more effective way in which to clean the sewers. This truck has proven itself to be a tremendous help to the maintenance crew and many other departments.


Sewers are cleaned annually using a mapping system to try and cover as much area in a quadrant as possible. During this process of cleaning the sanitary sewers, any pressure from the vacuum should escape through the sewer vent pipe on your house. If you do not have a sewer vent pipe on your house, there is a chance you could encounter some gurgling in your toilet and possibly incur a sewer gas smell in your house. This is a temporary situation and will not continue once the sewer main cleaning has been completed.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the city's sewer cleaning system, please call the Wastewater Utility office at 477-4360.