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$95.00 each
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Non Resident $12

Jr. Blue Fusion – 4 th , 5 th & 6 th Grade Girls by AUDITION ONLY
An intermediate dance team used as a feeder program to the
Greenfield Junior High and Greenfield Central High School dance teams.
A select group of 20-32 girls that meet for classes in dance technique,
poms and routines for performances.
Auditions: Wednesday, August 19 6:00 pm Memorial Building
Classes: All classes held in the Memorial Building Gym from 7:00-8:00 pm on Mondays
** Classes will STILL MEET on MLK and Presidents Day
Return: January 4th
Last Class: March 8th
Tuition: NO REGISTRATION until they make the team!
$190.00 resident ($95.00 per semester) $202.00 non-resident ( $101.00 per semester) -(Must be made in
two payments)
Submit ALL PAYMENTS to the Parks Department
Uniforms: Purchase of a custom-made uniform is required. It consists of a custom made shirt and black
leggings and hair bow.
Approximate cost: $60.00
Members are required to provide TAN jazz shoes and white tennis shoes & socks.
The Parks department provides poms for their use and T-shirts.
Classes: Technique work is more difficult than Greenfield Golden Girls, allowing members to hone their skills
to prepare for a competitive school dance team. More difficult turns and jumps are introduced. Flexibility is
stressed. The choreography becomes more detailed and the formations more intricate. There are more
choreographic effects such as delays, ripples, echo and group division. It is a smaller group that gets more
individual attention by instructors and is assisted by the G-C High School Blue Fusion Dance Team
Performances are in conjunction with the Greenfield Golden Girls as well as separate performances with the
G-C High School dance team, GJHS, and sometimes others. They usually attend a rehearsal of the high school
team or Jr. High team The year concludes with a performance and awards night. All members receive a special
Jr. Blue Fusion commemorative award.
Goals and Objectives
● Each class will increase their knowledge of warm-up exercises and dance technique.
● Each routine is choreographed to their level of dance so it is fun but challenging.
● To schedule a variety of shows and venues for them to gain performance experience.
● To help them see the goals that have been set, to work toward them and have the satisfaction of attaining those goals with an excellent performance.
● To give them the experience of performing and competing as a dance team.
● To encourage those eligible, by school or grade, to audition for the middle school dance teams.
Benefits to Participants
● To give more advanced level of poms/dance technique than Greenfield Golden Girls
● To improve flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination.
● To learn dance technique in new turns, jumps and kicks.
● To learn more intricate and varied choreography.
● To learn to work closely with other members in synchronization and formations.
● To give them an inside look at the middle school and high school dance teams.
● To gain self-confidence and experience in their varied performances.
● To set goals, work toward them, attain them and be rewarded for a job well done.
COVID Policy
● All parents must sign a waiver for each student before participating on August 24th.
● All students will be given a space on the gymnasium floor to help with social distancing.
● All students will be given hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the gym.
● All students will be assigned the same poms/bag to be used for the entire duration of the season.
● All parents are expected to screen their child before attending class or performance. If the student exhibits any
symptoms, please keep your child home.
● All visitors are asked to social distance when possible. Please try to limit the number of people staying so the
number of visitors is kept at a minimum.
● Drop Off Procedures-Due to Covid-19 safety precautions, parents may drop off dancers at the door. Dancers will
be greeted by staff and lead into the building.
● Dismissal Procedures-Parents may park and meet their dancer in the grassy area outside the Memorial Building.
The youngest dancers will be released first.
Thank you for your understanding during these difficult times.

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