ART: Parents & Paradise-Sewing/Pottery Wheel/Drawing/Painting/More! (Tue & Wed-see description for details)) Potter_s_Wheel_-_Tuesday_Workshops_-_3-4_PM_each_Tuesday__8-R__10-NR_each_workshop-_All_Supplies_Provided__copy30091

$8.00 each
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Non Resident $2

Is your child in school? Grab your cup of coffee/cold drink/snacks & join us for your OWN CREATIVE TIME! Let mellow music sooth you during our workshops for frazzled parents…& nana too!
*If you need any topic or time changes-please contact the Instructor at 317-325-1459
11:30 AM - 1 PM & 12-2 PM-Sewing: Clothing to Crafts
10 AM - 12 PM-Drawing & Painting
12-2 PM-Pottery Wheel/Clay & Ceramics
3-4 PM-Pottery Wheel/Clay & Ceramics
$8-R/$10-NR per workshop
Patricia Elmore Center Art Studio
Registration Ongoing-Park Office or w/ Instructor
You can call 317-325-1459 to reach the Art Studio and let the Instructor know when you are attending

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