Media Release Greenfield Water Utility- Greenfield Water Quality

Date: February 12, 2021
Charles Gill, Water Utility Manager
Office Phone: 317-477-4350
Greenfield Water Challenges and Improvements
Greenfield, IN- The City of Greenfield is making critical investments in the water infrastructure, that are intended to address availability, quality, and pressures. The Water Utility works very hard to provide safe, clean, drinking water to over 23,000 residents. Water quality issues do occur from time to time and often are the result of rapid changes in the water distribution system. These changes can be from flushing water mains, construction activities, firefighting and training, to commercial and industrial companies performing maintenance or emergency repairs.
Thursday morning, the Greenfield Water Utility was made aware that several customers have expressed concern via social media about a discolored water event that occurred the evening of February 10, 2021. We appreciate those customers that called to inform the Water Utility of the issue, and spoke with our on-call operator. We have further investigated this issue and found that a large industrial water user on the east side of the City had an emergency repair. This repair caused a sudden system pressure change that caused the mineral deposits (iron) in the water mains to be stirred and mixed into the water flow that resulted in the discoloration that our customers experienced.
We understand that our customers want their water to be clear at all times and that is our desire as well. This is why we have been investing in the improvements of our water plants, wells, and distribution system. While we are continuing to make these improvements, there will still be times that water quality issues arise that we cannot anticipate. We have had three major unforeseen events in the last few months that have caused discolored water throughout a portion of the system. These events include multiple water main breaks, fire department activities, and a large industry with a broken water main repair.
It is both helpful and necessary for the public to call the Water Utility at 317-477-4350, when they experience an issue with their water service so that the Water Utility can investigate that concern as soon as possible. We are available 24 hours a day to respond as quickly and safely as possible.
Charles Gill
Water Utility Manager
City of Greenfield