Rovers Run Bark Park

Rover’s Run: Bark Park @ Beckenholdt Park


WHO:      Greenfield dogs and their owners will get to enjoy our very first dog park!


WHERE: Rover’s Run Bark Park – Corner of 300 North & Franklin Street in the new   Beckenholdt Park.



WHAT:    Rover’s Run is a two-acre dog park located in the newly developed Beckenholdt Park at 2770 North Franklin Street.  The dog park consists of walk ways, shade trees, two shelters, a watering station appropriately named, The Slobber Lounge, and lots of open area for running and Frisbee tosses!  The dog park is completely fenced with an electronic gate entry system.  This gate entry system will limit entry to members only who have shown proof that their dog(s) are properly vaccinated, parasite free and spayed or neutered.  We want the park to be safe for pets and people! **Even though the dog park is considered self-monitoring, representatives from the Parks Department and PAWS will be present frequently.  Any dog displaying aggressive behavior will be asked to leave.  Membership will be revoked should the behavior persist.  An Advisory Council composed of various community members will monitor the activities at the park and make recommendations for improvements.


WHEN: The Parks Department accepts applications for membership year round in our office located in the Elmore Building, 280 N. Apple Street, Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Call 317-477-4340 with any additional questions.


COST:  $40-Residents and $50-Non Residents.

All members will also pay a $10 card fee.  *Memberships are limited, so register now!

Membership is valid for one year (12 months) from time of registration


For a complete list of rules and more information about the park, please visit the

Greenfield Parks Department or call (317) 477-4340.