Parks and Recreation

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Our mission is to be the stewards of the open space, greenways, trails and park land in Greenfield and to serve its citizens by:

  • Providing responsive and diverse programs and recreational opportunities for all citizens, regardless of race, gender, age, religion or disability.
  • Being adaptable and flexible in its land use, facility use and programming.
  • Creating innovative partnerships with organizations with common value.



Welcome to the official website of the City of Greenfield, Indiana Parks and Recreation Department. Whether you are looking for information about Programs, Parks, or Athletics, we hope you find our Parks Department website to be helpful and informative.



Help keep our parks clean!

Please clean up any litter from your sporting event, gathering or activity. Leaving food and other litter attracts animals and could be washed into the stormwater system or the creek.

If you walk or bring your pet to a park, please use the provided pet waste bags and trash cans to clean up after your pet.Pet wastes contain bacteria that can cause diseases. Plus, no one likes to step in pet waste!

A park is public space, so please cooperate with other park users to take care of something that belongs to all of us.

Thank You!