Online Recreation Program—Guide to Cruise Vacation Planning-from a Carnival perspective on 2/23/17 Christmas_at_the_Riley_Home_1863_-_4_00_tour

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Use your Computer or other mobile device to experience Greenfield Parks and Recreation Programming wherever you have an internet connection! Greenfield Parks and Recreation will host this descriptive and informational cruise vacation session. Learn about certain cruise lines, schedules and amenities. The session will also cover pre planning, before and after travel, luggage do's & don'ts, excursions, handling money, and more!
WHO: Greenfield & Hancock County Residents
WHAT: Online Recreation Program—Guide to Cruise Vacation Planning-from a Carnival perspective
WHEN: Thursday February 23 (access from 8 AM 2/23 to 8:30 AM 2/24)
WHY: For those that want to participant in a recreation/leisure activity and do not want to travel, etc.
-Sign up like you would for any other program—participants must provide an email address
-Participants are emailed a website link that would be available for a designated period of time
REGISTRATION: Begins 2/2/17

COST BENEFIT: $5-R/$7-NR (R=Resident of the City of Greenfield)


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